Whoopee Party

Each year Camp Stella hosts a clean and sober party on Thursday night called the Plain Ordinary Whoopie Party.  It’s a festive evening that is open to the entire sober community and all the people who have decided to experience Burning Man without drugs or alcohol.  It’s a super fun party that involves music, dancing, mingling, flirting, and impromptu performances, not necessarily in that order.

This year we have decided to ramp things up and, for the first time ever, incorporate the Burning Man theme into the Whoopie Party.  So, in honor of The Rites of Passage we are hosting a quinceanera, to celebrate the 15 year old girl in us all.  Quinceanera is a traditional Mexican celebration that is- held when a girl turns 15 to commemorate the rite of passage from childhood into adulthood.  They are fabulous, frilly, and whimsical with deep, profound undertones of family and transition, just like Burning Man.

Bring your ruffles and tuxedos, your pumps and sombreros for the best party on the Playa.  You don’t need drugs or alcohol to have a crazy good time, but you do need lots and lots of ruffles.
Thursday, 8:00 p.m. to whenever.


One response

17 08 2010
Dru Garcia

It is great to know that I can go to an AA meeting on the playa…. Thank you for doing what you do.


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