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If you are considering joining Camp Stella, here’s what you need to know.

Camp Stella welcomes all queer-identified people and queer-friendly people to camp with us. Every year, members included gay, bisexual, dyke, transgender and straight Stellites. We strive to create a camp that is diverse and open to all orientations and gender expressions.

Camp Stella is not a clique. If you don’t know anybody in Camp Stella, you are not alone. Some of us will have never met before we arrive on the playa.

Some of us are active in a 12 step program. Others simply want to experience Burning Man without the use of mood altering substances.

Expectations as a community…

  • Prior to the event, Bay Area Burners will participate in at least one of our monthly Planning Meetings or one Work Day.
  • We have all agreed to experience Burning Man clean and sober.
  • We will contribute ($75-$200 non-refundable/person) towards the civic projects of Camp Stella.
  • We will feast together in our one formally organized communal meal on Tuesday night.
  • We will host the Plain Ordinary Whoopee Party.
  • We will assemble a civic shade structure to be used for 12 step meetings at 3:00 PM and for the Plain Ordinary Whoopee Party.
  • We will pitch in where ever we can. We’ll help our neighbors set up their tents, pick up trash that has blown into our camp, build and tear down our civic structures, and generally contribute to Camp Stella and to the city at large.
  • We are self sufficient. In the spirit of Burning Man we practice radical self reliance. Bring everything that you’ll need to survive a week in the desert. Your fellow campmates will be helpful and supportive, but please come prepared.

As a member of Camp Stella you’ll enjoy…

  • A sober oasis and the community of around 20 sober campmates.
  • The Camp Stella Shade Structures.
  • The Camp Stella Shower Structures (please bring your own water and Solar Shower bag).
  • The Camp Stella Evaporation Ponds.
  • The Camp Stella Little Red Wagon to haul ice.
  • A commual cookstove, cooking gas, shared tables and chairs and limited storage space in our coummunal kitchen.  Please bring your own pots and pans.

Next Step?

Please join our Yahoo Group and introduce yourself.  One of our New Member Liasons will contact you to answer any questions.


18 responses

22 04 2009
mark w

I’m sober,gay, living in Atlanta Ga. I’d like to join your camp!!!!please keep me posted!!!

28 04 2009

Just wanted to say love this!!! I am going to be attending this year and am so glad to find what I can relate to your camp. Please let me know how I can keep in touch and with others who are attending so we can all have more support. Thanks

30 06 2009
curtis wayne brown

so excited to see that a group like this exists ..I have wanted to go …but didnt think it went along with my recovery and this makes me very very happy. how do I get involved?

3 08 2009
Rebekah T

I am thinking about going this year, too, but don’t have a camp to camp with yet. what do i do?

14 08 2009

I keep thinking about Burning Man… it’s been an intense meditation. The love, the love, the LOVE of that wild experience of creative culture connecting us to source. And then fear, fear, FEAR for my program of recovery amidst so much chaos, translucency and temptation… Que sera sera. I’m meditating on the possibility of going now, though. If I do, could I camp with and be of service to the Stellarness of your camp? Sending positive solutions:)

22 08 2009
Phil from Indy

I am looking forward to my first burn and am happy that I will be able to enjoy it with a sober support group.

27 08 2009
cheryl g

I would like to have a commitment at one of your meetings. I have been to BM 2X and I wouldn’t return if there were no AA. I really love the Camp Stella AA meetings and cant wait to see you all again. I will brings snacks to share at every meeting i attend but if u need any other commitment filled let me know.
I wont be camping with you my family is not sober ( nor are they alcoholics ) but will see you every day.
Burning in Sobriety……Cheryl G. Santa Barbara

2 02 2010

Hi. I am interested in joining you all this year. Please let me know how.


10 08 2010
Johnny NINJA!

I’m going to be camping with another camp but if I can donate, volunteer, or be involved in ANY way please keep me posted! I can’t wait to see you guys at the meetings! I can’t beleive a camp like this exists either! I’m so grateful you guys are doing what you’re doing! 🙂

26 02 2011
Keith Watassek

I live in Las Vegas, have been sober for over 5 years and would love to stay in Camp Stella for Burning Man 2011. If this is possible, will you please e-mail with instructions on what I need to do to participate.

Thanks, Keith

18 04 2011
sean davison


17 07 2011
Rebecca Astraea

Hi I will be at 5:30 between C and D. I have committed myself to the Lamplighters. I have to be in contact with Anonymous camp and with Camp Stella. Thanks for being at the playa.

26 08 2011
Abigail Cromwell

What is the address for Camp Stella this year?? I hope to go to a meeting right away.


24 10 2011
Paul Lee

I’m a newbie

28 05 2012
Vince Cruz

Went in 2005 and hit up the meetings, glad (and surprised) to see other friends of Bill there. I’m going again this year and want to camp with you guys, always nice to meet other trudgers! 🙂

27 07 2012
Saudi LaNear


6 12 2012

Hello there awesome people! I am Stacey Lock, the Harm Reduction Director for the Shambhala Music Festival in Salmo B.C. Canada. I love that you have support for people in recovery, or chose not to use, at your event. I would love to talk with someone about using your model and providing a sober camp. It is time. Can you direct me to the person who could participate in this discussion. Thank you for being amazing and thank you for your time!

5 06 2013


I am a member of AA in Toronto and I am attending Burning Man for my first time this year! I will be travelling alone and would like to know as much as possible about camping with you guys and if you would let me. Do you have a meal plan? Could you send me some information please? Thank you and God Bless.

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