Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I’m not camping in Camp Stella.  Can I go to your AA meetings?

A:  Of course.  All of the meetings are open meetings.

Q:  Why do I have to pay to be a part of Camp Stella?

A:  Organizing a theme camp is expensive.  Money is spent only on items approved by group conscience at our monthly planning.

Q:  I’m not in a 12 step program.  Is Camp Stella only for people in recovery?

A:  Among us you’ll find active members of 12 step programs like AA, NA, CMA, Alanon and others.  But there will also be “normies” who do not have a problem with drugs or alcohol.  We welcome anybody who agrees to experience Burning Man clean and sober.

Q:  Is Camp Stella a “gay camp?”

A: No.  While a majority of camp member are gay men, some of our most cherished members are LBTQ and straight identified. We strive to have a diverse camp and encourage all queers and queer friendly straight folks to be part of Stella.

Q:  Do I really have to be there on Tuesday?  I don’t think I’ll be able to get that much time off.

A:  We understand that for Virgin Burners, 6 days can seem like a lot.  That’s at least 4 vacation days (As a reminder, the following Monday is a holiday).  Actually, we strongly recommend that you arrive on Monday if at all possible.  We request that you do not arrive later than Tuesday evening.  Here’s why;

  • Getting to Burning Man is a huge effort and expense!  Get the most out of your investment by staying as long as possible.

  • There are eleventykatrillion things to see and do.  Even if you were on “Tina” and didn’t sleep for 7 days, you wouldn’t be able to experience but a fraction of the festival.  The longer you are there, the more you can see.  Each Burning Man is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

  • Your first 24-48 hours is a total wash.  It takes your body, at the very least, one full day to acclimate to the desert climate.  It may take you the better part of two days to set up your own camp and help set up Camp Stella. And, it will take you 24-48 hours to acclimate emotionally.  Burning Man is like nothing on this Earth.  It’s better to enter the city as it’s being built rather than baptism by fire.

  • Many theme camps begin to start packing up on Saturday afternoon.  If you arrive on Tuesday night you won’t be acclimated until Thursday at the very earliest.  That only gives you, at best, 3 days of fun.

  • We want to get to know you.  We want to share cold melon with you and hear about the things you saw.  By camping together for a full week, you will form a special bond with a group of amazing people and form lifetime friendships.

Q:  I’m in recovery but my significant other doesn’t have a problem with drugs or alcohol.   Is it cool if he/she uses in moderation when we’re not in camp?

A:  We are asking that everyone who camp with us refrain from using drugs or alcohol for the duration of the event.  If it is important for your significant other to use drugs or alcohol during the event, please camp near by and visit us often.

Q:  This is sounding a little cultish.  Family Night?  Communal Meals?

A:  Burning Man is about community.  Getting to know your campmates will be one of the highlights of your experience.  We have designed this camp to encourage fellowship and community.

Having said that, our requirements are pretty minimal. Family night and an hour or two at the Whoopee Party. That’s not a big commitment for even the most introverted of loners.


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