New Date for Planning Meeting

17 06 2009

On Sunday at the Work Day, those present decided to move the Planning Meeting from Saturday at 1:00 PM to Thursday, June 25 at 7:00 PM.

This will make it possible for more people to attend and free up a precious Saturday afternoon.



216 Church St
(between 15th St & Market St)
San Francisco, CA 94114

On the agenda:

  • Financial Report (Kaboodle)
  • Camp Stella Inventory  Have/Need/Want (Jefferson)
  • Make a decision about which tent to buy (Steve via Jefferson)
  • Stella Cargo Vehicle (Jefferson)
  • Rummage Sale, July 19th (Sprout)
  • Burning Man for Dummies, July 25th (Jefferson)
  • Part-time camping in Stella?
  • Whoopee Party – Same night as Bunny Jam? (Peter)
  • Open Service Positions:  Meeting Beverage Cohost, Communal Meal Coordinator, Beautification Specialist. (Jefferson)
  • Camp Stella Storage (Peter)
  • Stella Meetings:  Open AA vs. “Any A” (Cuapi)

Hope to see ya there!


Work Day 6/12/09 Report

17 06 2009
Front Row: Emo, Daddy Don, Jefferson, Mojo  Back Row: Eddie, Turtle, Max, Sarah, Kaboodle.

Front Row: Emo, Daddy Don, Jefferson, Mojo / Back Row: Eddie, Turtle, Max, Sarah, Kaboodle.

On Saturday, June 12th, 9 members of Camp Stella showed up at Jefferson’s to take stock of what we own.

WorkDay2The first step was to remove everything from the crawlspace.  We formed a fire line to get it onto the sidewalk where we grouped like items into piles.  Kitchen stuff, trash, lights, tarps and tents, pillows, fabric, tools, rebar and “sacred bricks.”

Then, as a group, we went through everything, deciding what should be tossed, sold in our rummage sale, and what comes back in ’09.

Mojo sorted through all of our solar lights, matching bottoms to tops to see how many complete sets we have.  Daddy Don and Sarah took over Lapidge Street to dry out and sweep last years evap pond tarp which we will reuse again this coming year.  EvMojo sorting out solar lights.eryone worked together to count, sort, wrap and organize everything we own.

In the end, very little made it to the Rummage Sale pile.  Mostly our collection of AA and non-AA books that we drag out to the playa (no one reads) and drag back every year.  We decided that 2 Big Books would suffice this year.  And some 2 tin candle lanterns.

In a future Work Day, we will set up our shower structure, replace the batteries in our solar lights, and set up what ever tents we decided to bring next year.


When we finished, we broke burritos together and enjoyed frosty Root Beer floats, a gift of Emo and Jefferson.

Thanks everybody for coming out and getting dirty.  Especially to Daddy Don who came all the way up from LA.



Smarties Raise $500 for Camp Stella

29 04 2009
Sprout demonstrating a solar shower bag.

Sprout demonstrating a solar shower bag.

Our first fund raiser of the season, Burning Man for Dummies netted Camp Stella $493.78 according to Sports Basement manager Andy Agranelli.

“Your party was very successful! You raised $4,937.80. We will be donating $493.78” Agranelli stated. “Totally cool!!!” The Sports Basement manager added that we should expect to see a check in the next 30 to 60 days.

“This is what I love about Camp Stella” Fearless Leader Jefferson McCarley said. “We all came together to make this happen. One team, one dream!” McCarley added that much of the financial success was due to the assertive greeters posted at the front door. “We wouldn’t have raised nearly this much had Mojo, Eddie, Peter, Max and O’Ring been so enthusiastic, asking nearly every customer to be a part of our fund raiser.”

Cuapi and Ophelia presenting "Playawear"

Cuapi and Ophelia presenting "Playawear"

A total of 92 participants were issued wrist bands to make them eligible for the 10% Discount / 10% Donation. Attendees included Virgin Buners who were eager to soak up all the tricks and tips they could get. Others were veterans including one who stated “I’ve been going to Burning Man 8 years and I learned a lot of great new tricks.” A member of the Borg (Burning Man Organization) attended and seemed very impressed.

20% of participants indicated that “Yes” they would be going to Burning Man this year. Another 20% are “maybe.”

Max and Kaboodle presenting "Essential Gear"

Max and Kaboodle presenting "Essential Gear"

Immediately following the fund raiser, volunteers that were available stayed behind to debrief. Some specific points that we discussed included:

  • The pace felt frantic. The workshops were too short and we need to schedule time between workshops.
  • We do not need to repeat the workshops.
  • The name “Dummies” was an issue for some.
  • Add a “Health” workshop that includes 1st aid and safer sex.
  • Move the 5th floor workshop to the lobby.
  • “Playawear” was not a broad enough topic for a full workshop.

Thanks to all who made this possible, especially the Burning Man for Dummies presenters: Sprout, Kevin, Carmen, Caupi, Max, Kaboodle, Turtle, Liam.

Burning Man for Dummies

Turtle and Liam present "Volunteering and Gifting."

Work Day

29 04 2009

Work Day 2005

Our big Work Day is this Saturday 5/2/2009. Please RSVP to the Yahoo Group if you can make it and let us know if…

1. You need a ride out there. Or…
2. If you can offer a ride or have room for cargo coming back.

Based on the response we get, Jefferson may need to book a Scion (City CarShare) to haul cargo back to San Francisco. This will cost Stella around $45.

Work Day
Saturday, May 2nd
Depart 11:00 AM for Pleasanton
Lunch in Pleasanton from noon to 1:00
Work begins around 1:00ish. Sort, trash, inventory, and load equipment into vehicles for delivery to Jefferson’s basement.
We return to San Francisco and unload gear. Should be done by 5:00 PM

For the address call Jefferson at 606-3874

Maybe don’t wear your nicest clothes. We may get a little dirty. Got work gloves? Bring ’em.


Burning Man for Dummies

11 04 2009

Burning Man 4 Dummies


Attend up to 4 half hour workshops. Great for virgins and vets alike!

Saturday, April 18th
3:00 – 6:00 PM

Sports Basement (Mission/Potrero Hill)
1590 Bryant Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

3:00 Registration begins
3:30 & 4:30 Essential Gear
3:30 & 4:30 Playawear
4:00 & 5:00 BRC’s Test Kitchen & H20
4:00 & 5:00 Gifting Tricks & Volunteering Secrets
6:00 Last chance to register for Sports Basement discount
8:00 Sports Basement closes

Not only will YOU save 10% on anything in the store but this local Burner-friendly business will be donating an additional 10% to Camp Stella.*

Beverages and snacks provided.

Burning Man tickets on sale – $260 cash (10% discount does not apply to tickets but you’ll save the $12 shipping + 4.75 convenience fee).

*Camp Stella is a clean and sober theme camp of queers, plain crackpots and fallen women. Buying your Burning Man gear at Sports Basement during this event helps us to host 12 step meetings on the playa and provide an oasis for anyone burning clean.

2009 Schedule

5 04 2009

Here is the current schedule of events through the rest of this season. I’ve created a Camp Stella Google calendar. If you use Google calendar you can add this calendar to yours with one click.

Camp Stella Google Calendar

Planning Meeting
Saturday, April 11 (Sunday is Easter)
1:00 PM Sports Basement – 5th Floor

Camp Stella Presents: Burning Man for Dummies
Saturday, April 18th
3:00 – 6:00 PM Sports Basement

Work Day
Saturday, May 2nd
Depart 11:00 AM
Back and unloaded by 5:00 PM
Diesel Daddy Dave’s
3773 Vineyard Ave.
Pleasanton, CA 94566
Please contact me if you have a car to carpool.

Planning Meeting
Thursday, May 14th
7:00 PM – Location TBD

Work Day
Saturday, June 13th
1:00 PM – Location TBD

Planning Meeting
Saturday, June 20th
1:00 PM – Location TBD

Planning Meeting
Saturday, July 18
1:00 PM – Location TBD

Burning Man for Dummies
Saturday, July 25
3:00 – 6:00 PM – Sports Basemen

Planning Meeting / Work Day
Saturday, August 15th
1:00 PM – Location TBD

Departure Weekend
Saturday/Sunday, August 29th & 30th

Post Event Work Day
1:00 PM Saturday, September 12th
Location TBD

March Planning Meeting – This Sunday

11 03 2009

Sports Basement just confirmed that we can meet there this coming Sunday.

Camp Stella Monthly Planning Meeting – March
Sunday, March 15th 1:00 – 3:00 PM
Sports Basement (Neighborhood: Mission / Potrero Hill)
1590 Bryant St.
(between 15th St & Alameda St)
San Francisco, CA 94103

If you are coming by bike you can bring your bike right in the front door. Bike parking inside.
If you are coming by Public Transit, the #33 will get you there from the Castro. Or the 22 Filmore will get you there from the 16th Street BART Station.
If you are coming by Auto, there is a parking garage underneath the building.

Our meeting will be on the 5th Floor Community meeting area. Come early and meet us in the lobby and we’ll walk up together.


  • Orientation/Fund Raiser at Sports Basement
  1. Format
  2. Facilitators/Volunteers
  3. Beer?
  4. Promotion (Flyer, Facebook, JRS, Tribe, ???)
  5. Discount (All 20%, 10%/10%, 15%/5%)
  • Rummage Sale Date
  • Work Day Date
  • New Website Update
  • Theme Camp Registration
  • Camp Stella Signage
  • Whoopee Party
  • Camp Lighting
  • Unfilled Positions – Breakdown Coordinator, New Member Liaison
  • Monday night – Dusk set up vs. Monday night Lamplighters

Feel free to let me know if you have anything that we need to add to the agenda. I took the tent off for this month because Max (our tent researcher) can’t join us this month but it looks like we’ll have more than enough to talk about. Also, if you can’t attend but want to weigh in your 2 cents on any of the above issues, feel free to post to the group.

Thanks! Hope to see you Sunday.