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Stella founders Emo and Jefferson

Stella founders Emo and Jefferson

Emo and Jefferson founded Camp Stella in 2003. A rotating and glowing Alcoholics Anonymous logo encouraged a few neighborhood “friends of Bill” to check in and say hello.

The following year, Camp Stella’s population doubled and it was moved to the village of Jiffy Lube.

In 2005, with the encouragement and support of our friends at Anonymous Village, the organizers of Camp Stella registered Stella as an official theme camp and began hosting daily meetings (the Queers, Fallen Women, and Plain Crackpots Group). We grew from 4 to 20 Stellar campers and a few traditions were born: the communal dinner, the family night bike ride and the Plain Ordinary Whoopee Party.

In 2006, Jefferson continued his tyrany over Camp Stella. We had 18 members and and twice as much meeting tent space as the year before (20′ X 20′). We had one dehydration. This was the last year of the Avalon Plaza.

Some of the 2006 cast sets up the new meeting tent in Dolores Park.

Some of the 2006 cast sets up the new meeting tent in Dolores Park.

The next year, Sprout was our fearless leader. Our membership was a record 26, though two of our members slept in other camps each night. We did not have a Whoopee Party this year but hosted a stylish chill space each night.

In 2008 we had no official fearless leader but worked together to get stuff done. Our intimate group was exactly half the size of the year before, 13 souls. This year we co-hosted The Plain Ordinary Whoopee Party with Anonymous Village.

In 2009 Jefferson once again takes the helm. Stay tuned…


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