Camp Stella Dues 2013

12 02 2013

Here’s the dues breakdown for 2013:

$75 – before March 15

$100 – on 3/15

$125 – on 4/15

$150 – on 5/15

$175 – on 6/15

$200 – on 7/15

$250 – on 8/15




2 responses

10 05 2013
Thomas Valentine

I’m wanting to camp with you this year. This will be my third year at BurningMan, but first year sober. It’s very important for me to find a sober camp to camp with. I finished a 2 months of treatment this year and am very serious about my sobriety and can use all the support I can get. I sent a request to the yahoo groups but haven’t heard back yet. I’d love love love to know if I’m able to have the opportunity to camp with you, that way I can pay the camp fee soon. Also, I live in the bay area and would love to know about any meetings going on.Thanks! -Thomas

11 08 2013

Hey there.. Sorry for super late response. My (SUGABUNNY) email is and I would love to answer questions for you and maybe get together to discuss burning man stuff..

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