Hello from “Sugar Bunny”

19 03 2012

Hello all,

Sugarbunny here (aka Matthew).  Wanted to make a brief post to introduce myself and welcome all of those who are interested in camping with Stella this year.  We have had one planning meeting so far (minutes to be posted soon) just to get the ball rolling and will be planning another real soon.  Please feel free contact me or “Alterna-Daddy” (aka Tom) with any questions or comments.

Cannot wait to get back “home”





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12 05 2012
Abigail Cromwell

Hi everybody!!

This is Abigail — I came to all your meetings last year and the awesome party. So I’d really like to camp with Camp Stella this year…my partner Karl and I are both completely drug-and-alcohol-free. We will be in a small RV… 18 feet. We live in the Boston area, so can’t make it to any of your planning meetings, but we are happy to do anything we can from here. We can meet whatever the fundraising bar is, and also bring supplies, get there early if necessary to help set up, or anything else that would be helpful. As it stands we plan to be there by the time the gates open.

Please text or call me here: (206) 310-2050
or email: awscromwell@gmail.com


16 07 2012

Hi there.
My name is Gil. I am coming to BM with a group of 5 queer NYC boys and we are looking for a sober camp to be part of. Four of us have been to BM before and one newbie. It’s our first sober BM.
We are arriving on Tuesday with a 28′ RV and like the comment before “we can meet whatever the fundraising bar is, and also bring supplies.”
My email is: indigobattery@gmail.com

3 11 2012

Hey there, I was going though the BM2012 Camera Lost and Found photoset and came across the name “Alterna-Daddy” in a photo. I did a search and ended up here.


This photo and the next couple would seem to say that they have his camera! I figure you two are in touch and you could pass this info along to him. Have a great day!

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