Camp Layout

26 08 2011

The Plan

Please keep in mind this is only a plan.  I’ve recently made a few minor tweaks to our design based on updated information on wind and sunrise direction.  The assumption is  that we will be placed on the same side of the street that we are usually on.

I’ve also switched the position of the RVs to account for a schedule change (Peter’s RV is coming up earlier).

Those of us that are arriving early will do our best to make it easy for you to find your spot.

Again, this is only a plan.  Please be willing to be flexible.

First on the Scene: Daddy Don

Daddy Don is already on the playa with a camp that is  20′-23′ feet wide and 30′-35′ feet deep.  His camp starts about 30′ in.

Sunday “Early Arrivals”

  • Kevin – You are right on the street, as requested.
  • Sean & Mark – Please park the RV about 4′ from our neighbors camp to allow for pedestrian and bicycle access to the interior of our camp.  You should be approximately 12′ from the road.  Assuming that the generator exhaust is released on the driver side, please park with your nose to the street so that exhaust doesn’t fill the Family Tent area.
  • Mojo – Your camp should be no closer then 20′ from our neighbors to the side.  And the front of your tent should start around 25′ from our back border.  Until Sprout gets in on Sunday night, please don’t set up your shade structure much more than 4′ in front of your tent.  We can help you move it further forward on Tuesday if you like.
  • Kraig – I’m not really sure when you’ll arrive but please set up your tent right behind Daddy Don’s tent along the border of our neighbor to the left.
  • Sanddog – Your tent will fit snugly on the left side of Mojo’s tent.
  • Camp Stella Truck – 30′ from the road.  Approximately 15′ from our border on the right.
  • Jefferson & Emo – Our tent is just behind the Stella Truck.

Sunday Midnight Madness

Within a few hours of midnight we will expect to welcome Alex, Tom, and Matthew.  Look for solar garden lights which will mark your spot.  Mojo will already be set up on your left.  Then from left to right we have Tom, Matthew and Alex.  Alex, Sprout will be your neighbor to the right by the end of today.

Alexis and Tabitha may also be arriving in the first few hours of Monday morning if Tabitha is unable to score an early pass.  Alexis and Tabitha, please look for solar lights to illuminate your spot.  You will be about 30′ back off the road.  Also, keep in mind that a ramp will sometimes extend out of the back of the Camp Stella gear truck.  If you set up as illustrated, you should have protection from morning light.

Monday morning after breakfast, we’ll set up our meeting tent, the Family Tent, our communal kitchen and our privacy shower.

Monday Afternoon – Billy Bob and Crew

Monday afternoon Billy Bob, Charles and Cup Cake will join us.  Billy Bob is bringing the bike racks he made so we’ll set those up after his crew arrives.  This is the largest RV and is positioned here for maximum wind protection of the “Family Tent.”  Billy Bob, please park facing the meeting tent so that your generator exhaust exits on the street side rather than into the family tent area.

Monday Night is Sprout Night!

Sprout, please enter the camp between Kevin’s tent on the far left and our meeting tents.  As you drive into the camp, the meeting tents will be on your right, followed by Alexis and Tabitha’s SUV.  Take a right and drive all the way to the far corner of the camp.  Park your Jeep as shown for morning sun protection or on the right side for wind protection.

We will set up the big evap pond and tandem exhibition shower structure on Tuesday afternoon.

Tuesday Night – Peter & Patrick Night

Peter, please enter the camp between Kevin’s tent on the far left and our meeting tents.  As you drive into the camp, the meeting tents will be on your right, followed by Alexis and Tabitha’s SUV.  Take a right after the SUV and park between the long evap pond and Jeferson and Emory’s tent.  This puts you close to your RV and will provide Jefferson and Emo with a little morning sun protection.  Thank you!  And welcome home.




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9 01 2012

Fun post! You really did a lot of thinking on this. Good job!

camp trailers

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