Nice Work 2010 Stella!

8 08 2011

Moop impact is measured by the time and effort spent by the crew in a particular location within the Black Rock City grid and is assigned the color code of Green, Yellow, and Red.

In a Red Impact Area the line sweep moves very slow, sometimes to a dead stop.
In a Yellow Impact Area the line sweep moves moderate stop and go pace.
Green Impact Area, the line moves fairly quickly. Moop is often still found, but not enough to break our stride.

The speed and progression of the Line is monitored by the Line Bosses and recorded by the Moop Scribes using GPS technology, computer tablets, and photos.  The data is compiled and translated into the Moop Map on a daily basis.

Playa Restoration’s primary goal is to Leave No Trace to the best of our ability and passing the BLM Site Inspection of Black Rock City within the 1-month deadline after the event’s end.

Camp Stella’s 2010 score: 100% Green




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