Work Day

1 08 2011




On Sunday, July 31st, Todd, Mojo, Sean, Mark, Peter, Patrick and Sprout spent 3 hours at our storage facility in Potrero Hill to take an inventory of our supplies and practice setting up our tents and shower structures.

We will be putting these two 10′ X 20′ tents together to create a 20′ X 20′ meeting space and Quinceanera ballroom.  We labeled poles and drew diagrams to make on-playa assembly fast and easy.

We tweaked our shower structures and measured how big our evap pond tarps need to be.

  • Privacy Shower:  11′ X 11′ tarp
  • Tandem Exhibition Shower 10′ (or more) X 20′ (or less)

Next steps:

  1. Jefferson will be taking the canvas shower curtain to the tailor to have a snap repaired.  He’s going to repair our glowing sign.  And he’s going to have two new reinforcement braces made for the Tandem Exhibition shower.
  2. Sean and Patrick are going to replace all of the rechargeable batteries (save the receipt guys) in our solar powered garden lights which will be placed around our camp.
  3. Mojo is having a replacement pole cut for the the missing pole in one of our tents (pictured above).  He also got pliable wire to secure the tan tent.
  4. Sprout is going to look for a new and improved platform that we can stand on in the shower.

A few of us will meet at the storage facility one last time so to drop off:

Solar lights, Bike of the Playa, repaired sign, repaired shower curtain, shower braces, new barrel beverage cooler.

If anyone has a few bricks, I think we could use ’em.  And we could always use some new carpets.  If you have a table to that we can share, please bring it.  No need to bring chairs.  We have tons of chairs.  And tennis balls are great for putting over rebar.  We can never have too many of those.










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