Home: Engagement near 7:30

17 07 2011

Home sweet home.  Engagement near 7:30.

This will mark the 5th year that Camp Stella is located just off of 7:30.  The closest we’ve ever been to the Esplanade is B.  Last year we were at D.  So this year we are one block further in.

We never know our exact location until we arrive on the Playa.  All we know for sure is that we are on not on the corner and that our street frontage is on Engagement near 7:30.  We will be located somewhere in one of the pink boxes indicated on the map above.

We were giving our usual 1,000 square feet (100′ street frontage X 100′ deep).  If we hit our capacity of 30 members, we will be camp Tetris.  If we don’t grow any larger than we are right now, we’ll be Camp Cozy.

Also sharing a 7:30 and Engagement address are:

  • Camp Beaverton
  • Celestial Bodies (Event though this is a bar, these guys are really supportive of us and always have non-alcoholic beverages hand for Stellites)
  • Paradise Motel
Nearby at 7:30 and D is Retrofrolic.
Mudskippers Cafe (formerly Unchartered Terretories) and Comfort & Joy are just a few blocks away at 7:00.

This location should put us close to Porta-a-potties and pretty close to Artica (for ice).




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