July Planning Meeting

6 07 2011

July 6, 2011 7:00-8:00 PM

Attended by:   Jefferson, Peter, Sean, Peter2, Mark, Patrick, Todd, Emo, Kevin, Matthew, Sprout, Mojo.

Dues Paid members:  15  (with an additional 6 verbal commitments).


Current balance: $1,600

Rummage sale brought in $154.

Ride of Passage:  Our ride of passage fundraiser has brought in $670 to date.  Our target was $2,000.

  • Mojo is in the process of sending emails to every single theme camp.
  • Sprout, Mojo and Matt will try taking the bike out to the corner of 18th and Castro to pedals some tickets next Saturday the 16th.
  • Somebody volunteered to post the an ad on Craigslist.  Who was that?  Sean? Patrick?  Mojo?


Saturday, August 27th, 2011

Todd will need 4 hands to help with Upload.  This is a busy time for everybody so anybody that can volunteer will be really appreciated.  We will meet at our storage facility to load up our Stella truck.


Emo gave us an update on his plans for the Plain Ordinary Whoopie Party.

  • We need a thrift store battery operated boom box to play music.  Pretty sure Sean volunteered to look out for this.  Emo has sourced traditional Quincenerra music.
  • We’ll be making a balloon arch to walk through (backwards?).
  • Each member of Stella is asked to bring a case of beverages for the party.  Party goers consumed 200 Red Bulls at last year’s POWP.
  • Emo will be seeking volunteers to bring chips, salsa, guacamole (Kevin), and cookies.
  • Emo is looking into sourcing a powdered Agua Fresco drink mix.
  • He will be printing traditional Quincenerras invitations.
  • Members of Stella are asked to consider wearing a costume (frilly ruffly dress or cheesy tuxedos were two suggestions).

Emory will start preparations on Thursday morning.  Then, directly following the 3:00 AA meeting, members of Stella are invited to lend a hand in setting up, decorating and preparing for the party.  As a group, we’ll head out to the Billion Bunny March and return to host the party which starts officially at 8:00 PM.


This is the person that ensures that we have cold beverages available at each meeting.  This involves a couple of ice runs throughout the week, adding drink mix to ice water.  Peter volunteered for this position.  Thanks Peter!  Stella will reimburse you for ice.

Mojo has signed up to buy a replacement cooler for the one that busted.  We will have two coolers for meeting beverages.  Thanks Mojo!


Sunday, July 31, 1:00 PM.  Meet at the parking lot of our storage facility.

We will do a dry run setting up our meeting tents.  We know that we have one missing pole so we are planning to take a similar pole to a hardware store to find a match that we can use in it’s place.

This will also be a time for us to take one last inventory, set up our shower structures and measure the area needed for our evap pond tarps.

On Saturday Sean has volunteered to take the solar power garden lights and replace the batteries.  He will pick up the lights at Work Day and take them home to do the replacement.  Sean, please buy the rechargeable batteries that you need and seek reimbursement from Todd.

Jefferson volunteered to take home the Camp Stella sign and repair it.


We will need a volunteer to coordinate Family Dinner.  More on this later…


Every camp is required to have one person responsible for MOOP (trash) management.  At Stella, we each do our best to be responsible for our own trash.  However, we all sometimes need gentle and loving reminders to keep up the good work.  When trash starts to become a problem, we may need a tough love reminder, as a group.  On Sunday, the Beautification Director ensures that we scour our camp area in a grid formation.  We are responsible for cleaning up our own trash and for the trash that blows into our camp.  And as a reminder, each member of Black Rock City is asked by the Borg to plan to spend at least one hour cleaning up the city, outside of our camp.

We will be looking for a volunteer who can be gentle and tender but will dish it out when necessary.   In rare cases,  diplomatic skills have come in handy with our neighbors.  We will have a good sized camp this year so this role is important.


Group concience was that we develop a layout prior to heading out to the Playa.  We will count on Daddy Don to arrive on the scene first to anchor and protect our space until the first vehicles arrive to protect our borders.  We will try to shelter the “Family Tent” with RVs and our truck – but in a way that we can enjoy watching the parade of Burners strut down the street.  We have decided to put both meeting tents together to create a 20X20 meeting tent space.

We have plenty of chairs but are requesting that members bring tables.

Jefferson will be issuing a footprint role call once our space has been assigned.  At that time, please forward special requests.




One response

8 07 2011
Ariel van Spronsen

Hi Camp Stella! I am looking at http://stella.storenvy.com/products/102140-buy-2-tickets-to-ride-of-passage. I was thinking about buying a ticket but it looks like the word “passage” is misspelled on the bike. Is it so? Thanks much! Ariel in Seattle.

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