First Planning Meeting Minutes

30 01 2011

Camp Stella is getting an early start this year with an unprecedented January planning meeting.  On Wednesday, 1/26/11 six of us met at the home of Sanddog.

  • Jefferson
  • Emo
  • Jamie (Sprout)
  • John (Mojo)
  • Todd (Sanddog)
  • Will

The main topic of this meeting was MONEY.


  • Current balance:  $0.00.
  • Treasurer:  Position open
  • Sprout (and soon Todd) has been gifting storage space to Camp Stella for months.


We are hoping to raise money quickly so that the Camp can take over financial responsibility of the storage facility.

In fact, we have set a goal to raise enough money to pay for the storage facility from now through Burning Man and through, at least, the spring of next year.  Our “reach goal” is to raise enough to pay for storage through the following Burning Man.

We are also planning to have around $1,500 in transportation expenses.  So considering expected miscellaneous expenses, our first pass at a budget is $5,000.00 + storage for September through next spring.


We determined the following dues structure:

  • $75 from now until the Ides of March
  • $100 on March 15th
  • $125 on April 15th
  • $150 on May 15th
  • $175 on June 15th
  • $200 on July 15th


One of the most feasible and exciting ideas that came out of the meeting was the concept of developing…

The Ultimate Burning Man Bike online raffle.

Here’s how it would work:  We would obtain a bike to be elaborately decorated.  It would essentially be a Burning Man dream bike appointed with lights, bells, maybe a basket, and decorated lavishly.  The winner will claim the bike on the playa at Camp Stella.

Raffel tickets would be sold to Burners around the world online 24/hours a day.  We are thinking that this may be an attractive raffle for Burners traveling from afar.

We also talked about developing other items to sell online.  Some of the items we discussed included a Survival Kit, stickers, and magnets, among others.

Also being planned is a rummage sale (perhaps at the Castro Country Club) and a fundraising event such as a Mystery Science Theater 3000 style movie night with celebrity drag queens adding commentary throughout the movie.


The next meeting will be Thursday, February 17th.  We’ll continue the discussion about fundraising and begin a dialog about outreach.




One response

1 02 2011
Daddy Don

OK I will suck it up and do the treasury job….I would have suggested a higher dues to cover the nut of $5000.00…as we know there are no free rides in the world so it goes…payments can be sent via to….and on with the show….

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