Detroit Rock City

3 07 2010

This is Sprout (aka Jamie) – the pack leader this year. Now is the time to voice your interest in becoming a member of Camp Stella for this year’s Burn!

We have a yahoo group which is the primary place where all of the planning action and group decisions go down.

I’ve experienced the Burn with Camp Stella in 2006, 2007 and 2009 and have loved it each time. Home basing at the clean and sober camp gives me roots and a sense of security, I guess, so I am free to roam wherever, whenever and always have a blast! Its a home I always want to go to.

We have open daily AA meetings Tuesday through Saturday at 3:00 PM.

We received the same rockin’ placement as last year – 7:30 and D(etroit), with 100 x 100 space. Look for the pink triangle on the map below.

7:30 and Detroit, Black Rock City

Camp Stella Placement

Click on the map to go to get to more info about the city layout at the Burning Man website.

Even if you don’t plan to camp with Stella, we welcome you contributions. You can join our Yahoo! Group or email Sprout at jamie_gallagher (at)




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