2009 Camp Stella Layout

17 08 2009

By group conscience, we are going with a flux capacitor configuration for our AA, Any A, and Family tents this year.

Those arriving first have been placed to protect our borders from encroachers.  The family tent goes up on Sunday.  Meeting tents and showers and solar lights can go up on Monday morning.  Kitchen stove will go up Monday night.  Bike parking will go up Tuesday morning.

Full Camp, Tuesday night.

Full Camp, Tuesday night.

Please familiarize yourself with the day-by-day plan (link below) so that you can see exactly how you fit into the layout.  This way, if you arrive in camp and nobody is in camp, you’ll be able to park and set up your tent in the right spot.




PS – This includes everyone who has responded to my request for placement information.  Please write to the Yahoo Group if you are not included.




One response

19 08 2009

Just wondering if there’s going to be any room or me with my Toyota and small tent. I’m by myself and shouldn’t take up much space at all but maybe you’re full. Any suggestions folks?

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