New Date for Planning Meeting

17 06 2009

On Sunday at the Work Day, those present decided to move the Planning Meeting from Saturday at 1:00 PM to Thursday, June 25 at 7:00 PM.

This will make it possible for more people to attend and free up a precious Saturday afternoon.



216 Church St
(between 15th St & Market St)
San Francisco, CA 94114

On the agenda:

  • Financial Report (Kaboodle)
  • Camp Stella Inventory  Have/Need/Want (Jefferson)
  • Make a decision about which tent to buy (Steve via Jefferson)
  • Stella Cargo Vehicle (Jefferson)
  • Rummage Sale, July 19th (Sprout)
  • Burning Man for Dummies, July 25th (Jefferson)
  • Part-time camping in Stella?
  • Whoopee Party – Same night as Bunny Jam? (Peter)
  • Open Service Positions:  Meeting Beverage Cohost, Communal Meal Coordinator, Beautification Specialist. (Jefferson)
  • Camp Stella Storage (Peter)
  • Stella Meetings:  Open AA vs. “Any A” (Cuapi)

Hope to see ya there!




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