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12 06 2009

P1010455_12009 will be my third Burning Man in a row and second time being a part of Camp Stella.  I am very grateful that there is a Camp Stella. It is great to be able to enjoy the whirlwind of community, great art, fire, drugs, Dadaism, natural beauty, exquisite desert light, self-assessment, centered-ness, self-reliance and renunciation that is Burning Man without doing any drugs oneself.  Drugs suck.  I love being able to come back to a drug-less eye in the middle of the Burning Man hurricane.  That’s Camp Stella for me.

I love to be around people in the program who still know how to kick up some dust.

I’ve been clean and sober since 1989.  I am 53 years old, am about a 5 on the Kinsey scale, have meditated daily for twenty years during the previous century,  have composed some electronic music, am very practiced in maintaining my sanity, like rocks and pretty things and am getting my groove back.




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