Member Profile: Turtle

21 05 2009

TurtleI’ve been lucky enough to have been going to BM since 2000. This will be my third year camping with Camp Stella and it’s been an amazing experience every year. I love the atmosphere of a camp that is both queer and clean and sober. Also having campmates who range in age from their early 20 to their 60’s and who have been from all over the country has made it a great place to come home to after being out on the playa.

I’m 34, an atheist, sober for 15 years, poly, queer and the spouse of Max. I’m currently living in SF where I am involved in social work, transgender communities and the kink/leather community. At Burning Man I love doing Lamplighters, helping people on the playa with art work and finding the hidden live music camps and making sure the virgins have sunblock and water. In the past I’ve camped with Comfort & Joy and have been involved in art projects. I also love putting on my purple bunny chaps and ears and going to the Billion Bunny March.

I look forward to welcoming new members of our camp and people coming to our camp to enjoy our space.




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