Member Profile: Emo

19 05 2009

EmoAs a founding member of Camp Stella with Jefferson in 2003, I am very proud to see our camp flourish and become an important sober and drug-free zone at Burning Man.

Since then Burning Man has changed my life in small ways, and in others, deeply profound.  I got out of my shell, learned to embrace my inner misfit, and strived to become more radically self-expressive.

I am a fire performer, and have in previous years been deeply honored to performed in the Fire Conclave, and in different fire operas.  This year I am not performing publicly, but will light up my fire in spontaneous and private fire performances on the Playa.

My absolute favorite thing at Burning Man is the Billion Bunny March, and I strongly encourage everyone to participate.  Bring your bunny ears, and I hope I see you at Camp Stella, whether you’re my campmate, or just visiting.  2009 is going to be an amazing year in the BR




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