Planning Meeting 5/14

15 05 2009
Location: Crepevine

Attended by: Jefferson, Cuapi, Eddie, Kaboodle (pictured below), Max, Turtle, and Sprout (not pictured).

 Jefferson, Cuapi, Eddie, Kaboodle

Jefferson, Cuapi, Eddie, Kaboodle


The owners of my building will not allow anything that looks flamable to be stored in the crawlspace.  Specifically for us this means pillows, flags, and tarps.  Sprout has agreed to store the pillows at his place. 

Max and Turtle will make a trek to Diesel Daddy Dave’s on Saturday to pick up the remainder of the Camp Stella gear.

We will solicit a volunteer to get pricing for storage here in the city as a long term storage solution post-Burning Man.  We may also consider alternative storage options such as Reno.


This is one view.  Click on the photo for additional pics.

This is one view. Click on the photo for additional pics.

We have scheudled a Work Day for June 13th and will push our June Planning Meeting to June 20th. We will pull everything we own from the crawlspace, determine what needs to be trashed, what can be sold in our rummage sale, and clean and repair anything that we need to keep for next year.  We are all very excited that Daddy Don will be joining us from LA for this Work Day.


Kaboodle reports that we have nearly $2,300 in the bank now.  By the end of the meeting we had 14 dues paying members.  Last year the camp spent only around $800 however the year before we spent in excess of $2,500. 

We are projecting that we’ll need $1,000-$2,500 for gas/transportaion.  We would like to purchase a new tent which will likely run between $1,000-$1,500.  And we will have storage fees in addition to incidental expenses.


Rummage Sale – Sprout will be heading up our rummage sale.  We set a date of Sunday, July 19th as our target.  However, after the meeting had ended, Kaboodle noted that was the same day as Dore Alley.  We can discuss this further at our June meeting.

Burning Man For Dummies – We decided to host another Burning Man for Dummies on July 25 to build on the sucess of the first one.  We will make some modifications to the format which we will determine at the planning meeting on June 13th.

We are also expecting that a few more members will join our tribe which will provide additional revenue.


There was some discussion about whether we can avoid having to rent a cargo van by stuffing all of our gear into the two RVs that we know are going.  Cuapi/Chaz and Jefferson/Emo.  We will discuss this further after the next Work Day so that we have a better sense of how much gear we will have to bring out.


We decided to invest in a high quality large tent (approx. 30′ X 20′) and have proposed $1,000-$1,500 (not more than $2K).  By group concience, we volunteered Steve from Philly to research this project and make a reccomendation to the group.  He has accepted our challenge.  We would like to make a decision on the new tent at the June meeting so that we can set it up at the July meeting when Steve is in town.


  • Treasurer – Kaboodle
  • Camp Registration – Sprout
  • Signage – Daddy Don
  • Meeting Beverages / Snacks Co-Hosts – Eddie and __(Open)__
  • New Member Liasons:  Turtle and Cuapi
  • Whoopee Party Co-Hosts:  Kevin and Peter
  • Communal Meal Coordinator:  __(Open)__
  • Meeting Coordinator:  Cuapi
  • Beautification Specialist:  __(Open)__
  • Post Burning Man Storage Coordinator:  Peter Griggs

Humbly submitted,





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