Work Day 1 Report

2 05 2009
Diesel Daddy Dave, Cuapi, Sprout

Diesel Daddy Dave, Cuapi, Sprout

Sprout, Jefferson and Cuapi met Diesel Daddy Dave in Pleasanton Saturday afternoon, May 2nd, to begin sorting through Camp Stella equipment.

Sprout's pretty good with rope.

We lost a few rugs and pillows to the elements, however, the majority of our g

ear was salvageable. We said good bye to our two white tents that have served us many years. We are left with the “new tent” which made it’s debut last year and the old “Family” tent which Jayne loaned to Stella a few years ago.

Most of our gear fit into Sprout’s Jeep, Cuapi’s cruiser, and Jefferson’s rented Scion. The three drove back to deposit the gear in the underbelly of Jefferson’s apartment. We were not able to retrieve all gear. About two more car loads should get it.

Deisel Daddy Dave is going to take our trash to the dump and submit a receipt for the expense to dispose of the garbage.

We will need to schedule a work day to clean, inventory, and set up our remaining gear to determine what stays, what goes, and what needs repair. Stay tuned for more details.

Sending an extra big THANK YOU to DDD for letting us store our gear at his place all this time!




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