The Evolution of Avalon

1 05 2009
Avalon Village 2006

Avalon Village 2006

It was decided at the last Avalon Planning meeting that Avalon will not register as a village this year. Camp Stella cast the lone vote to keep Avalon together as a village. The group conscience however was to register theme camps individually and request that we be placed side by side.

The thinking was that we would get better placement, with each camp getting spoke street (7:30) real estate.

This is how Avalon Village began many years ago, so in a way, we are returning to our roots. Avalon Planners feel confident that the Borg (Burning Man Organization) will honor our request, however, there is risk that we are not placed side by side.

Another benefit of being placed individually by the borg is that each camp will have a set plot of land to work with. This will eliminate the uncomfortable and awkward tug-of-wars that the Avalon planners are faced with when we have to divide up the village territory (who get’s street frontage, who gets to camp next to their “store front,” how much space does each camp get?, etc.)

Our hope is that we will still all be neighbors with 7:30 street frontage.

The village has evolved.




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