Smarties Raise $500 for Camp Stella

29 04 2009
Sprout demonstrating a solar shower bag.

Sprout demonstrating a solar shower bag.

Our first fund raiser of the season, Burning Man for Dummies netted Camp Stella $493.78 according to Sports Basement manager Andy Agranelli.

“Your party was very successful! You raised $4,937.80. We will be donating $493.78” Agranelli stated. “Totally cool!!!” The Sports Basement manager added that we should expect to see a check in the next 30 to 60 days.

“This is what I love about Camp Stella” Fearless Leader Jefferson McCarley said. “We all came together to make this happen. One team, one dream!” McCarley added that much of the financial success was due to the assertive greeters posted at the front door. “We wouldn’t have raised nearly this much had Mojo, Eddie, Peter, Max and O’Ring been so enthusiastic, asking nearly every customer to be a part of our fund raiser.”

Cuapi and Ophelia presenting "Playawear"

Cuapi and Ophelia presenting "Playawear"

A total of 92 participants were issued wrist bands to make them eligible for the 10% Discount / 10% Donation. Attendees included Virgin Buners who were eager to soak up all the tricks and tips they could get. Others were veterans including one who stated “I’ve been going to Burning Man 8 years and I learned a lot of great new tricks.” A member of the Borg (Burning Man Organization) attended and seemed very impressed.

20% of participants indicated that “Yes” they would be going to Burning Man this year. Another 20% are “maybe.”

Max and Kaboodle presenting "Essential Gear"

Max and Kaboodle presenting "Essential Gear"

Immediately following the fund raiser, volunteers that were available stayed behind to debrief. Some specific points that we discussed included:

  • The pace felt frantic. The workshops were too short and we need to schedule time between workshops.
  • We do not need to repeat the workshops.
  • The name “Dummies” was an issue for some.
  • Add a “Health” workshop that includes 1st aid and safer sex.
  • Move the 5th floor workshop to the lobby.
  • “Playawear” was not a broad enough topic for a full workshop.

Thanks to all who made this possible, especially the Burning Man for Dummies presenters: Sprout, Kevin, Carmen, Caupi, Max, Kaboodle, Turtle, Liam.

Burning Man for Dummies

Turtle and Liam present "Volunteering and Gifting."




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