April Planning Meeting

11 04 2009

We met on the 5th Floor of Sports Basement on Saturday 4/11 from 1:00 – 2:30.

In attendance:  Jefferson, Sprout, Max, Kaboodle, and Eddie


We went over the calendar for the rest of the season and have decided to change any pre-AIDS/LifeCycle meetintgs to Thursday night’s at 7:00 PM.  Location TBD.  I have already changed the dates on the Camp Stella Google Calendar.

We decided to continue to meet at Sports Basement if they’ll let us.

Our goal for the May Planning Meeting is to select a new tent.  Max will bring options for us to discuss.


We talked about Work Day which is May 2nd.  We will depart San Francisco at 11:00.  We have at least 3 vehicles going so far so we should be able to carpool with folks that don’t have cars.  We will arrive in Pleasanton at around noon and will all eat lunch together down town before we roll up our sleeves and get to work.

Max is concerned that there may be a huge amount of junk that needs to be dumped.  We may need to make a trip to the dump.  I agreed to check in with DDD to get his take on that.  We’ll be transferring the majority of stuff to my basement.


We are in good shape for this event.  Peter and possibly Oring will be staffing the registration table.  Eddie will be pitching in where needed.

All presenters are confirmed.  Max and Kaboodle are going to meet at Sports Basement at 1:00 to pick out “props” for their presentation.


The group has decided to remain in Avalon Village again this year.   We acknowledge that the village may feel quite different this year but we appreciate having good neighbors and like being located in a mostly but not exclusively queer village.


Camp Dues go up from $75 to $100 on May 1st.  However, you may pay your camp dues in person on Work Day (May 3rd) at the $75 rate.  So far Daddy Don and Jefferson have paid dues.






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