The Evolution of Avalon Village

22 03 2009

On Saturday I attended the 1st planning meeting of the season for Avalon Village.

This year’s theme “Evolution” is in full force at Avalon this year.  There will be some pretty big changes and I wanted to let you know about them ASAP.

CAMP MONTAGE (20 people)
Due to the poor placement Avalon Village gets, Montage has decided not to camp with Avalon this year.

Uncharted has decided they want to evolve into a new theme camp and will not be joining Avalon this year.

FAIRYLAND (40 people)
Not returning to the playa this year.

ASTROPUPS (30 people)
We have not heard from the Astropups.  We are assuming they will return.

We have not heard from the VICC.  We are assuming they will return.

(55 people)
Although they’ve been around for more than a decade, last year was their first year in Avalon Village.  They host a bar known for it’s Playa Cosmo (a Cosmopolitan with Gatorade).  They are returning to Avalon this year.

This group from London hosts a pub with a nightly cabaret show.  They are returning to Avalon this year.

So Avalon will look quite different this year.  We calculated that our population will be about half of what it has been in recent years (normally 300-400, we are projecting 170 for ’09).

Our placement has been been getting progressively less ideal.  Last year Avalon had no access to a spoke street at all, stretching between D and F radial streets.

We waxed about Avalon’s Gilded Age when we had a public plaza with twinkly blue lights, a soaring scaffold tower and a rocking block party.

At our next Camp Stella business meeting, we should discuss if we want to remain in Avalon.  Right now the only two camps that are committed are two bars (Celestial Bodies and Quixotes).  We may get better placement as an individually registered theme camp.  We could request to be placed next to Anonymous Village, Comfort & Joy or even Avalon.

Or we may want to hold on to our tradition of living in Avalon and hope that a smaller size gets us better placement.

This will be something that we can discuss at our next planning meeting.

The next Avalon planning meeting is April 25th.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Your humble servant,




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