Planning Meeting Minutes 3/15

22 03 2009

Sports Basement
Sunday, March 15th 2009
1:00 – 3:00 PM

In attendance (23 Years of Camp Stella experience):
Ophellia (Carmen). Turtle (Theo), Kaboodle (Andrew), Buckie (Troy), Sprout (Jamie), Max (Max), Jefferson (Jefferson)

Name: Camp Stella presents: Burning Man 101
Format: Registration begins at 3:00. Four different half hour workshops will be presented twice. 2 will occur simultaneously.
Beer: We have decided to decline Sports Basement offer to provide a keg of beer.
Promotion: Jefferson’s working on a flier. Carmen is doing Facebook promotion. We will all work to spread the word via other camps, Twitter, Live Journal, Tribe, etc. Jefferson will submit an entry to JRS.
Discount: 10% off for participants / 10% goes to Stella.
Camp Stella: Kaboodle will be accepting camp dues at the cheapest level – $75.

We are targeting a Memorial Day rummage sales date. Please start collecting junk!

We will propose Sunday, May 2nd (Rain or shine) to Diesel Daddy Dave. This will allow us to focus on the fundraiser and take a weekend off before the next Stella event.

More details to follow but we will need as much help as possible. We will be trashing the trash, inventorying what’s good, bringing some crap back to sell in our Rummage Sale, etc. We will be prepared to get dirty.

The new website is essentially finished. It is a WordPress blog that is easily transferable and updateable. Spydr has ownership of url so we will be asking for her help to transfer it to the new site.

Sprout agreed to be responsible for submitting our online registration. Jefferson will forward the answers which Mike of the Playa submitted last year.

It was suggested that we reach out to Daddy Don to see if he’s interested in being a part of creating new camp signage.

Overall conscience of those present was that we should bring the Whoopee Party back to Camp Stella this year. Last year we co-hosted with Anonymous Village, and while we felt that they greatly appreciated our contribution, it was a lot of work to haul our stuff to AV and that the party wasn’t as much fun as in years past. We would like to invite AV to continue to co-host with us, but we would prefer that the party be at Stella this year. More discussion to follow.

We decided that Monday late afternoon (before dusk when it starts to cool down) will be our default set up time. This is when we’ll set up the bulk of the camp infrastructure; family tent, communal kitchen, meeting tent, showers, etc.

If this work gets done early or if there is a dust storm, we will reschedule and some Stellites may wish to Lamplight.

It was a very productive meeting. Thanks to all who participated.

We have 5 planning meetings left.

Respectfully submitted,




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