Fund Raiser Planning Meeting

4 03 2009

Hi everybody. First of all, I was blown away by this space (it’s SO cool) and by Sports Basement‘s enthusiasm to work with us. Thank you Kaboodle for that hook up!

Nothing below is set in stone. In the spirit of participation, please share your feedback on any of the details below.
Also, if you are interested in being a presenter, please let me know.

Date: Saturday, March 18th.

Our Goals:
1. Fund Raising
2. Education
3. Promotion

We have 20% of participant purchases to work with. We will need to decide between:

  • 15% discount, 5% donation to Stella
  • 10% discount, 10% donation to Stella
  • No discount, Stella gets all 20%

The more people that attend and shop, the more money we raise!

We will be presenting 4 half hour workshops. Right now our plan is to present 2 workshops simultaneously. The rationale is that participants would not want to sit through 2 full hours of presentations. Also, to encourage shopping (and mingling), we are planning to space the workshops an hour apart.

Each workshop would begin with a 5 minute welcome, Camp Stella overview, and explanation of the Sports Basement Discount.

A Camp Gear – Everything you need to survive some of the harshest conditions on Earth.
B What to Wear – From utilitarian playawear to decadent evening costumes. Tips on form and function.
C Gifting / Volunteering – Secrets to the best volunteer gigs and gift giving inspiration.
D Sustenance – Easy playa-friendly meals, hydration, and ice.

Proposed Schedule:
3:00 PM Event Begins – Check in, get a wristband which will entitle you to beverages, snacks, and the discount.
3:30-4:00 Workshops A and B (two different locations).
4:00-5:00 An hour of shopping/socializing
5:30-6:00 Workshops C and D (two different locations)
8:00 PM Sports Basement closes

SB will be providing beverages and snacks for our event. When we told them the name of our organization was Camp Stella, they offered to provide a keg of Stella Artois (in addition to soft drinks). And they are an official Burning Man ticket outlet.

Your humble servant,




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